Elkhorn Antlers vs. Wahoo Warriors Girls Basketball Photo Gallery

by Mason Beister | February 7, 2023 10:30 am

#15 Kaelyn Anderson gets two free throws and makes them with great focus. (Mason Beister[1])
#34 Claire Nuismer fakes out her opponent and takes an open shot. (Mason Beister[1])
#22 Ayshia Prince pushes through a group of opponents to get to the hoop. (Mason Beister[1])
#13 Reese Turman rushed to the hoop and jumps for a layup attempt. (Mason Beister[1])
#34 Claire Nuismer received the ball from Ayshia Prince and runs up the court. (Mason Beister[1])
#13 Reese Turman blocking her opponent from passing the ball in and restricting progression. (Mason Beister[1])
#34 Claire Nuismer has her eyes set on the hoop and rushes through her opponents. (Mason Beister[1])
#15 Kaelyn Anderson passes the ball over the heads of her opponents to get to her teammate #12 Emma Hague (Mason Beister[1])
  1. Mason Beister: https://antler.express/staff_profile/mason-beister/

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