Dancing Through Life

by Zoe Rasmussen | February 21, 2023 10:14 am

Ever since she was young, senior Mackenzie Fry has been a dancer. She has only grown from there, playing an essential role in the Elkhorn Dance Team’s success over the last three years. 

Dance has been pivotal in Fry’s life for over a decade. 

“My mom just put me in classes when I was three, and I’ve loved it ever since,” Fry said. 

While her mom may have been the one to sign her up, Fry’s love for the sport continued to grow for years and years. She has been on the Elkhorn Dance Team since her sophomore year, and it has been a great experience for her. 

“I love the people. The girls get super close, and the coaches are great,” Fry said. “It’s just a really fun environment to be in.” 

One of her favorite parts about being on EDT is the coaches, one of whom has been teaching her for a long time. She has been Fry’s biggest inspiration throughout her dance career. 

“She has taught me at my studio [Core Dance Company] since middle school,” Fry said. “She’s always believed in me.”

Younger EDT members have looked up to Fry for years, including freshman Mia Bretey. 

“She’s a really good leader,” Bretey said. “She pushes us all to be better every day.” 

Fry’s favorite EDT dance was their nationally ranked pom, taking home the fourth-place trophy in 2023. Pom is a dance using pom poms, usually during sports games and halftimes.

“Pom is usually my favorite because I like the dances,” Fry said. “They’re always so fun to do.” 

Not only is Fry a good leader, she cares about each and every girl on the team. Having fun at practice is a given when she is there. 

“Mackenzie is so fun. She’s very light-hearted,” junior EDT member Ava Kumagai said. “She cares about everybody on the team, and she’s a very responsible leader.” 

Fry has played an essential role in EDT since her sophomore year, reaching her goals and aspirations. She believes working hard and practicing got her to where she is now.

“Keep working for it; just keep practicing,” Fry said. “Work towards your goals, and you’ll get there.”

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