Pepping the Pep Club

Pep Club has become more active this year trying to bring school spirit.


Makayla Brackett

Pep Club sponsor McKenna Sorensen helps senior Ella Schutte distribute homecoming t-shirts. Schutte helped design the shirts.

Brianna Lee, Reporter

Pep Club, run by special education teacher McKenna Sorensen, has become more involved with Elkhorn High School this past year by planning homecoming and designing shirts to spread awareness for autism and other important topics.

Sorensen, senior Ella Schutte, and junior Mya Larsen are all active in Pep Club, which is for students who want to help plan homecoming and spread school spirit. 

“We just sold [a shirt] that is blue for autism awareness, and that one we sold over 55 shirts,” Sorensen said. “The other one that we did that I feel was pretty successful was the homecoming shirts.”

Sorensen explained that Pep Club has done different t-shirt sales to promote all kinds of themes. The first t-shirt sale they did was their annual homecoming shirt around October of last year, which goes along with the theme of the dance. The most recent sale they had was to spread autism awareness and inclusion. 

“We feel like our school lacks a lot of school spirit,” Larsen said. “We have good intentions, but we feel like we could go above and beyond when it comes to supporting each other.” 

Pep Club became more motivated and inspired to get involved with the school this past year because of the lack of school spirit. Larsen, one of the leaders of the club, believes that the school lacks spirit and that we could all do better as a whole with support and encouragement. 

“I like seeing everyone come together at our events that we do like homecoming,” Schutte said. “I like seeing all the people wearing the shirt sales we have done and participating in it.”

Schutte’s favorite part about being in Pep Club is seeing all of the students participate in the school because she enjoys seeing everyone come together. 

“I really enjoy being in the Pep Club,” Larsen said. “My favorite part about it is using my creativity to create things for the school. I love seeing people’s faces; I love seeing people wearing the apparel that we make.”

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