Learning Beyond Borders

Elkhorn High School welcomes two new foreign exchange students for the 2018-2019 school year.

Kamdin Montagne

Kamdin Montagne, Reporter

Every year Elkhorn High School has the privilege to welcome two students from outside of the country to spend 10 months going to school here. This year our school has opened its doors to junior Jack Erikson and sophomore Yuno Kamikawa.

Erikson was born in London but has come to the US from Stockholm, Sweden where he currently lives with his family.

“I chose to come to the US because it seemed like a lot of fun. My neighbor went to Phoenix and loved it and my dad has always liked the US too so I thought it’d be a nice place to get away for a little bit.” Erikson said.

He didn’t get to choose what state he went to but he ended up loving the host family he was placed with. “It’s not what I thought it’d be, I thought it’d be a bunch of rednecks but it’s way better. Everyone is really nice it’s just a lot different.”

Erickson also commented on the academic differences between his home country and the US, “Classes aren’t as hard, in Sweden we have the letter grade “E” too which they don’t have here, but in Sweden, there is never homework and here we have homework every night. We can leave for lunch and during 10-15 minute breaks between classes, which we can’t do here.” Erikson said

Kamikawa is an exchange student from Japan and came to the US because she wanted to experience the culture, learn English, and have the opportunity to meet new friends. “My family was excited for me,” Kamikawa said, “School is harder here but everyone is kind.” Kamikawa is also looking forward to being able to experience homecoming and learning more about the culture here.

These two students are looking forward to the coming school year and the things they will have the chance to experience in the US. Elkhorn High School is lucky to have them and looks forward to seeing what they will accomplish here.

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