Spreading the Love

A group of Elkhorn High School students challenge the norm of society while spreading love to all around them.

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Spreading the Love

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Despite what is being taught in schools, the Civil Rights Movement was not a major part of society in just the 1950s and 1960s. The fight has continued throughout history and is making an intense resurgence in the 21st Century. There is even a growing desire for equality by a group of students at Elkhorn High School. Tea Club isn’t a place to spend time trying and discussing different herbal and bitter drinks. This club is made up of a group of passionate and determined students who strive for equality within the school and often discuss and advocate for topics that might include LGBT+ rights, diversity, facing prejudice and knowing how to stand up to it, and much more.

The establishment of this club means the world to a lot of people as it is a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Kirsten Ranson, Junior and one of the Secretaries of Tea Club,  said, “Tea Club’s purpose is to bring and shed light on the fact that not everyone follows the social norms; it teaches people that it is ok to be different and to embrace those differences.” 

This club is not just for those who identify as a different sexuality, it is a place for people with any difference that does not match society’s norms and people who are not a part of any minority who just want to help gain equality for everyone.

Not every student in Elkhorn is going to welcome Tea Club into their lives with open arms and open minds; it is just a part of life and it is unpreventable. However, the members of this club have taken it upon themselves to help try and solve this problem.

Junior and Secretary of Tea Club, Lauren Frank, said, “These students who have negative thoughts towards tea club are really just afraid of the unknown, and they just don’t understand the differences. We want to help teach and educate them into understanding that having differences that set you apart is ok and normal.” These students want to help normalize differences through educating others on how to understand being different is ok and should be celebrated, never shamed or repressed.

The fearless members that make up this group of students who seek a positive change in the world is such an amazing addition to the Elkhorn High School community. It is such a wonderful place that provides reassurance to any student in need or just a welcoming family to anyone who needs that in their life.

Freshman representative, Seth Hofer, “For students who negatively act out against students who are minorities or have differences, their behaviors are not ok but we don’t hate them. Now that I am aware of who I am, I want to help other people understand where they fit in this world because I have already found my place in the world. We are showing these people what they can become when they learn to understand others.”

The group acknowledges the more precedented and difficult issues in today’s society and that’s something that takes a lot of courage to do.

TEA Club at the Omaha Pride March in 2016.

TEA Club was first created at EHS in the 2016-17 school year.