Mr. Radicia helps out with the cleaning efforts. The flood impacted the math classes in the area.

Ashtyn Tridle

Boys Bathroom Faces Flooding

Flooded bathrooms on the second floor Monday morning caused an uproar at the High School.

May 9, 2019

Ashtyn Tridle
Elkhorn Janitor cleans up the flooded area. The flooding occurred during early 1st hour Monday morning.

On Monday morning, Elkhorn students faced flooded waters by Ms. Bang’s science classroom near the bathrooms.

Paper towels were put in the urinal while the urinal was running, causing the water to run onto the floor.

Math classrooms in the affected area had to be moved while custodians cleaned it up.

“The flood was caught quick enough that there might be any damage,” Mr. Ford, Elkhorn’s vice-principal said. “The custodians did a good job [cleaning up] all the water.”

Mr. Ford also made note that there will be no major changes in how Elkhorn High School will operate as of now.

Elkhorn administrators declined to comment on how many people were involved in the incident and whether or not there will be any disciplinary actions.

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