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Halsey’s Manic album: Let Your Imagination Run Wild.

November 7, 2019

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, widely known as Halsey, was born in New Jersey on the 29th of September in 1994. Halsey has been suffering from bipolar disorder since she was seventeen. At the time of writing these songs, she was experiencing an elongated manic episode, which birthed the album Manic. A manic episode is an emotional state where an unusually irritable mood exists for longer than a week. Halsey wanted to make an album where she could write whatever she wanted and have hip-hop, country, and pop in one album. 

Halsey has dropped four singles from her 2020 album ‘Manic’. The first song is called Clemantine, and is about her feelings for the person she is with, and shows her wondering if they feel the same way about her. It is a very lowkey song that is filled with overflowing emotions and curiosity. In most of her songs, Halsey uses colors to display her emotions. Yellow represents hope and happiness while blue represents sadness and emptiness. 

Her second song is called Graveyard. This song is a melodic and calm piece that talks about detrimental people that she is in love with. She sings about following this person ‘all the way to the graveyard’. The intended message of this song is to gain the courage to get rid of toxic people in your life, even if they feel like they’re good for you. This song is perfect for when you’re confused about whether you should break up with someone. 

The third song on Halsey’s new album is called Without Me. It is about someone who betrayed her after she helped them go through a hard time. According to Halsey, this is one of the most emotional songs that she has written, and she claims that she cried through the entire recording. Aside from the sad undertones of this song, it has a catchy melody and a strong beat. This song brings feelings of empowerment and pride, and helps to get some bad emotions  out. 

The last song that Halsey has released this year is called Nightmare. It is a loud and in-your-face song about mistakes she has made and how she has recovered from them. Halsey sings about how she has been waiting to tell someone that she doesn’t owe them anything. This song has an empowering attitude about things she won’t tolerate from men. 

Halsey’s full album will drop on January 17th, 2020. There are another twelve songs that complete the creative and emotional album. I am really excited to see what Halsey brings for this album, I’m sure that the songs will be amazing. This album is said to be filled with dark and dramatic songs, where Halsey can let out her feelings. The huge, sixteen-song album will be worth the wait. 

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