A Live-Action WattPad Fan Fiction

Last Christmas shows what can happen when screenwriters take song lyrics a bit too literally.

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A Live-Action WattPad Fan Fiction

Nicole Kallio, Reporter

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“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day, you gave it away. . .” The classic “Wham!” holiday song has been a staple in many Christmas playlists since its inception; however, the new movie released under the same name just goes to show that, while these songs may be catchy, they should not be writing movie scripts. 

Let me preface the review with this: I absolutely adore cheesy Christmas movies. By the time November 1st hits, my TV is set to Hallmark and I’ve got a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. No matter how stale a Christmas movie may be, I will watch it because, when it comes to the televised, low-budget movies pumped out by Hallmark and Lifetime every year, I know that they were not made to be good, but rather make the watcher feel good. This movie, however, just completely missed the mark. 

In the beginning of the film, we see Kate (Emilia Clarke), a mid-twenties alcoholic go home with a stranger in order to stay off the streets, as she has just left from her family’s home. This pattern of behaviour is emphasized in the first few minutes of the movie, which I believe was its first mistake. Making your audience dislike the main character in the first five minutes is not a good plan of action!  

However, after following her through a couple days of her life, the audience and Kate meet an unusual character, Tom (Henry Golding). Tom seems to be the missing piece in Kate’s life, as it turns around after meeting her flame. After an entirely predictable twist shatters Kate, she must turn back to herself in order to pick up the pieces. 

There were many issues with this movie that, in my opinion, only make it worth its current 46% on Rotten Tomatoes. To begin with, its plot is probably more predictable than an episode of Law and Order. By just watching the trailer, you could probably guess how it ends. 

Another issue is the confusing, unnecessary subplot of native Englishmen making immigrants feel unwelcome in their country. Even though they attempt to make this relevant by setting Kate’s family as immigrants from the former country Yugoslavia, this was still just a completely useless plot point. 

The last issue I will be talking about, but perhaps the biggest, is the lack of chemistry between the actors. This chemistry is what makes me want to watch bad Hallmark Christmas movies; even though I can predict the ending within the first two minutes, the actors make it seem like they really feel the emotions they’re portraying. While my issue is not with the acting itself (after all, they pulled Hollywood A-listers from hit media like Game of Thrones and Crazy Rich Asians), it is with how the actors behaved together. When they were together, even when they were kissing, I just couldn’t see the sparks flying. 

While I cannot physically stop you from going to see this film, I can say this: why pay to go see a mediocre holiday film when you can turn on the TV and find a better one for free?

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