Marvel Comic Rejects Flop

by Jacob Uehling | September 15, 2020 9:47 am

     Umbrella Academy begins with everyone’s favorite Marvel Comic rejects as they are dropped off in 1960s America.  I was excited for season two after the great ending of season one, but I was greatly disappointed.  Almost every aspect of this season was disappointing: the writing, the plot, character development, and the acting.  It was plain bad.

      Season two follows the main characters’ attempts to save the world and their lives as they are thrown into Dallas, Texas.  For some reason, the writers have them start at different points in the timeline.  Each of them goes through different perils until they stumble into each other after leading different lives.  

     Besides the main characters of Vanya, Klaus, Luther, Allison, Diego, Number Five, and Ben,  we are introduced to a special character, Lila Pitts.  She was one of the only bright spots this season. Lila Pitts was played by Ritu Arya, she had great character development and was essential for the continuation of the story.  She produces a strong character.  One of the worst performances was from Vanya Hargreeves, who was played by Ellen Page, as she did a lackluster job.  Her character is meant to be incredibly powerful and unassuming, but she stumbled through her lines and her examples of power were, to say the least, lame.  

     There wasn’t a lot of character development throughout the season.  Almost every character fell flat.  The only actors who did a compelling job and made their characters appealing were Ritu Arya (Lila), Aiden Gallagher (Number Five), and Justin H. Min (Ben).

     Season two of the Umbrella Academy left a sour taste in my mouth.  It was a confusing mess that left me wondering why it took a year and a half to produce this terrible image of power, with weak storyline at best, and dull fight scenes.  I would rather watch My Little Pony on repeat than sit through that again. 

     All of that aside, I can admit the second season started off alright.  The creators were riding high from a great first season and kept it going through the first episode.  The first episode was engaging and captivating, but episode by episode following that slowly fell apart.  I hope by the time the third season is released the writers can turn this series around.

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