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Apple released a new IOS 14 update with many new features, including new home screen abilities and changes in messages.

October 15, 2020

     Apple recently released a new IOS14 update mid-September. Apple users may have heard of it from TikTok because lots of creators posted videos of the update, allowing people all over the world to see it and what all the new features were. It got many people excited, and encouraged them to check out this big change. This update has a lot to unpack, and like others, it has a lot of new features that users love to experiment with. 

     IOS14 has a few unique features that give people ways to change their home screens. It offers users a lot more options to design their home screen and to make it more personal to them. It allows users to now change their home screens, using widgets, to design it. It is very helpful if you are looking to completely reorganize your phone display, but it does take some time to mess around with it and get the home screen that fits you the best.  Another feature that people are finding useful is the ability to remove an app from the home screen, but not delete the app. This allows the app to still be found in the search bar, however it is hidden from the screen. 

     A hidden feature that hasn’t been talked about much is the ability to tap the back of your phone two or three times and that triggers it to do a variety of shortcuts; for example, taking a screenshot, locking the screen, activating Siri, opening the control center, or turning your volume up or down. When I first read about this feature, I questioned its ability to sense the taps,  or thought that maybe it would activate when I placed my iPhone on a table or my phone falling off a surface. However, I am pleased to say that after having the update for a bit of time, it has not activated unless I physically tap the back of the phone that amount of times. 

     Another key feature, the ability to search an emoji, is also now available. This will help users who are looking for one single emoji and do not want to scroll through the entire keyboard. Also in messages, you can now pin a conversation with someone, so that their conversation will always stay at the top. 

     There are a ton more helpful features, for example, when you receive a phone or Facetime call, it does not take up the entire screen. It comes down like a notification typically would, then if you wanted to accept the call, it is easy to click the tab and open it fully. It allows people to finish doing a task before answering a phone call, or it is just as easy to swipe it away.

     Overall, this update is very user-friendly, and people are absolutely loving it. Apple continues to consistently make these updates both current and desirable to many people all over the world.

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