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Photo courtesy of the Tack Online.

Is There Such Thing as “Too Early for Christmas?”

There is no such concept as “too early for Christmas.” vs GIVE FALL A CHANCE

December 8, 2020


      believe that it’s never too early to begin celebrating Christmas for many reasons. Most people don’t put up their decorations until after Thanksgiving, which, in my opinion, is way too late! By doing that, you can only have your decorations up for about a month. This doesn’t give you enough time to truly appreciate their joy and value. Families all across the world spend a lot of money on this holiday, so it doesn’t make sense as to why they would only have their decor out for one month. 

       I see no problem with making Christmas last longer because the feeling Christmas gives everyone is extremely heart-warming and cozy. Everyone is always in a cheerful mood during these months, causing an overload of joy in the air. This joy can rub off onto surrounding people, making the cold months a little more tolerable.

       By no means am I saying Thanksgiving is less important than Christmas, but most people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving’s actual meaning of being grateful for what you have. They normally just use it as an excuse to break their diets and do Black Friday shopping. In contrast, churches see high attendance rates on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, indicating the attendees learn the real meaning behind the holiday. This being said, having a little Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving is okay.

       I love listening to old Christmas songs, baking every weekend, exchanging gifts with my friends, wearing ugly sweaters and socks, and, my favorite, watching Hallmark movies. There is no better feeling than coming home from a long school week, sitting down with hot chocolate and a warm blanket, and turning on the Hallmark Channel to watch the best and most unrealistic movies ever! It’s exciting getting lost in the wonder of the Hallmark Channel by living in an alternate reality for once. Also, staying up late with only the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the dark is my favorite feeling in the whole world, no matter the time of the day.

       I do think that leaving your tree up the entire year, though, is unacceptable and obnoxious. Other holidays need just as much admiration and gratitude as Christmas, which is why there should be a limit to the celebrations. Yes, Christmas should be celebrated for longer than just December, but it’s not something to rave about all year. Listening to Christmas music in other months is fine, in my personal opinion, because the joy it brings is unmatchable. Actively celebrating genuine Christmas traditions is only something to be done in the winter months, period.


      We get it, Halloween’s over; however that DOESN’T mean it’s Christmas time! Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but only at the appropriate time. Celebrating right after Halloween is just skipping autumn and Thanksgiving like they’re chopped liver. 

      I’ve seen post after post of people getting new Christmas trees and lights, ads for places like Bath and Body Works bringing up Christmas shopping, and neighborhoods decorating the streets with lights. I went to the grocery store for Thanksgiving shopping, and the place was covered in candy canes and fake snow. I just wanted to buy an apple pie, c’mon. 

      Celebrating Christmas this early just makes the celebration seem less enjoyable. I’m not a Scrooge. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I LOVE fall. Pumpkin and apple everything! The best time of the year for those kinds of treats is fall and we’re cutting it short. It defeats the purpose of waiting all year if everyone tries to beat each other to the punchline. We went from SUMMER, spooky season, CHRISTMAS a little to fast for my liking.  

      This year has been a mess, we all know that, but celebrating Christmas won’t end the year any faster. I would like to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, boots, scarves, and flannels a little longer thank you.

**Written early November… it IS Christmas time now

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