“The Circle”: The Show That Keeps You On Your Toes

Season three of “The Circle” comes full circle.


courtesy of Netflix

a new series of The Circle arose on Netflix. This reality tv series host social media challenges that relate to everyday life.

Makayla Brackett, Reporter

The new Netflix original tv-show: “The Circle” just came out with its season 3. I eagerly watched the first 12 episodes and I can not wait for the season finale on September 29th. The circle has 3 seasons currently. While it is a reality tv show, the goal is to see who can get more popular in a certain amount of time without getting blocked. 

There are 13 members competing in this new season for 100,00. These people are known in the show: Kai, James, Daniel, Nick, Isabella, Ashley,  Michelle, Ava (and her sister Chanel), Ruksana, Calvin, Jackie, and Jackson. The circle is filmed in the town called Stalford, manchester. The season 3 released date was premiered on September 8th, while the very last episode, the season finale, will be released on September 29th. This Netflix original is very tense to watch, in a sense. There are influencers, blockings, alliances, alerts, and a whole lot of drama in the mix. 

The individuals that acted in this show did a very good job at expressing their thoughts, Even though it is considered reality tv. While they also did a very great job of staying true to themselves. When watching this show you will hear the word “genuine” and “honest” said by a bunch of the characters. This just shows how much they want to stay true to themselves even through the extremes of the show. 

While watching the show it definitely kept me on my toes! This show always seems to throw something very unexpected in the mix. One of my favorite parts because that is what makes the show so unique. I have watched some reality tv shows however none really sparked my interest as this one did. However, I would say that there is one aspect that I wished was different. That is I wished there were more younger people on the show. Unusually, there are individuals that are in their 20’s and 30’s while I would love to see teenagers. I believe adding teenagers there would be so much more suspense and it would bring more younger people to watch the show.

The message of the show is clear. It is about staying true to yourself. Even though you might not like how you are looked upon or don’t like sharing about yourself you always know who you are. Another lesson that might be taught is that not everyone is who they say they are. In this time period, it is very important to understand not everyone you meet either in person or on social media is 100% w3ho they truly are. In the circle, this is a very strategic move played by some players. I strongly believe that this show has so much to offer other than the drama.

This show is rated PG-13, which might seem low from how older the crowd it brings. However, this show is something that everyone in your family could enjoy. Most shows like this are usually geared towards older individuals or pop cultured teenagers. Overall, I truly believe this show is a fantastic production. while it is definitely on my favorites list and will be watched multiple times. 

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