Strings Symphony

by Jacob Uehling | March 23, 2022 9:17 pm

Elkhorn High School has multiple choirs and bands, but Elkhorn does not have a string or orchestral group. During the musical, there are opportunities to play in the pit, but there are no other opportunities for one to demonstrate their string abilities. Senior Olivia Gao and junior Alison White want to change that by starting an ensemble of their own.

“I love the violin, and I’ve always wanted Elkhorn to have an orchestra of some sort. The idea has been in my mind before, but I never tried to go through with it,” Gao said. “When Alison asked me if I would help her, I obviously said yes.” 

Gao hopes that this group will lead to an orchestra class.

“A lot of schools have strings in their program, but Elkhorn Public Schools does not. So, we decided to give people that play string instruments an opportunity to be in a small ensemble,” White said.  

The common goal of the duo is to give people a chance to have fun with music and grow as an ensemble and musicians. White wants to play at band and choir concerts in the future. 

“Honestly, I don’t think there are that many students who play string instruments, but if they do, this would be a wonderful experience for them,” Gao said. The strings club is built for anyone with a musical background and would provide a new experience working in a small ensemble.

Both Gao and White have a background in the strings department. Gao has played violin for almost 10 years and cello for two years, while White has played cello for nine years.

Once they have enough members or people interested, White said she hopes to start a group.

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