POP Goes the Senior Prank

by Charlee Sharack | May 17, 2022 9:49 am

Every year, the traditions of Elkhorn High School are passed down from class to class. While there have been some bumps in the road for the graduating class of 2022, they were able to almost pull off the most prominent tradition—the coveted Senior Prank. 

Over the last few years, the senior pranks at EHS have lacked. When the current seniors were freshmen, the joke was putting forks in the grass. Last year, the seniors decided to spray liquid fart into the hallways, and the entire school smelled disgusting. 

The prank was discussed from time to time, but the plan was officially set into motion on Thursday, May 12, and executed on Monday, May 16. 

But only a few students got to see what the senior prank was. 

“We spent a lot of time, energy, and money into it just for it to be destroyed before anyone could see it,” Sean Walker said. 

According to students involved in the prank, the plan was to fill two stairwells with balloons and add saran wrap in front of the entrance of the stairs to keep the balloons in. The stairs from the commons to the senior balcony and the stairwell across from the counseling center to JJ Zumbrennen’s classroom. 

While the set-up was successful, it was short-lived. 

“I’m just mad because we woke up so early and stayed so late,” Jordan Novak said. 

The seniors filled the stairwell with hundreds of the balloons for the senior prank. (Courtesy of Liz Jones)

Walker stated that he didn’t go to bed on Sunday night in preparation for the prank, and Novak went home around 1 a.m. 

While there are photos of what the prank was supposed to look like, it was taken down early in the morning. 

“I got here around 7:35, and they [Principal Mark Schroeder, Assistant Principal Jed Givens, and head engineer Billy Rodenbaugh] were already starting to take them down,” Activities Director Sara Fjell said. 

There is a clear statement that any prank would destroy property, put anyone in danger, etc. If a prank were to violate that statement, students that participated would be unable to walk at graduation. 

To avoid this risk, the two organizers, Walker and Jayci Jarvin, talked with the admin to ensure that there would not be any negative consequences for the prank.

“They were very aware of it; we talked to them and said as long as it’s not destructive, it’s okay, and it really wasn’t,” Walker said. 

Walker said they specifically told the administration that they would be filling the stairwells with balloons and agreed that the two would get into trouble if the prank went too far.  

“I think they started to take them down because we had a bunch of kids that were starting to get the balloons out. I heard they were trying to pop them, and knowing that was going to start a snowball effect, they made the decision to get rid of them,” Fjell said. 

Looking back, Fjell feels sympathy for the seniors and wishes they had left one of the two stairwells untouched so all the students could see and enjoy the prank. 

Walker said he was upset about the money that they spent on the prank. 

“Jayci said that it was over $135 spent,” Walker said, “Each pack contained 100 balloons, and it was $12 a pack, so around 1500 balloons.” 

Some seniors are in favor of being reimbursed for the money spent on the prank since it was destroyed, but according to Fjell, the school is unable to do so because the students bought the supplies of their own will, and the school didn’t tell them they needed to buy said supplies.

Thankfully students have photos of the gag, but it doesn’t live up to being able to experience the real thing.

The commons stairs were filled with balloons for the senior prank on Monday. Soon after, admin took down the balloons. (Courtesy of Liz Jones)

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