Wrestling Pre-Season

by Published From FLOW | November 17, 2022 10:07 am

Winter sports kicked off official practice on November 14th, and now sports are getting in early conditioning to perfect their performances. Jairin Potter, the head coach for boys and girls wrestling programs, has encouraged these students to start an early season conditioning by providing an “open mat”. An open mat is a place for the athletes to work out and keep up on their wrestling skills.
Senior Nick Branch has been wrestling for four years. Branch has been preparing for his last season at Elkhorn High since his junior year season ended. “I’ve put on weight of 168 lbs,” Branch said. Branch has worked out every day since then. However, he has been trying to cut his weight as the season approaches. He recently started fasting to manage his weight as well.
Senior Sean Stara and Junior Mason Villwok have conditioned ever since the previous season started as well. Both of these athletes are enrolled in “The Best Wrestler Program”, which is a club where wrestlers come together and compete in matches. Stara and Villwok both use this to keep themselves in shape and crisp their techniques.
Stara is currently going into the season with high hopes of beating his records.
“I want to break my reversal career record. I’m sitting at 94 reversals, ” Stara said.
With the new year and the new girls’ program added, Potter is excited to start the new season on November 14th and to practice for their first dual on December 1st.
“I just want to see a lot of them make progress, grow, and get better. Wrestling is one of those sports where it’s just day in and day out . . . we have kids who will be trying to win just one match this season, and we have kids trying to win championships,” Potter said. “As a team, we’re just trying to make a dent in improving our overall dual record, tournament improvements, and becoming a stronger team.”

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