Boys Basketball vs. Waverly Photo Essay

Antler Start Season 2-0


Cate Cox

Nate Roberts shoots.

Cate Cox, Reporter

Gus Schultz shoots a free throw. (Cate Cox)
Casey Schiessler driving towards basket. (Cate Cox)
Casey Schiessler dribbles. (Cate Cox)
Gus Schultz prepares the next play.
Dyllan Bertucci shoots a free throw. (Cate Cox)
Dyllan Bertucci dives to save ball. (Cate Cox)
Nate Roberts chases after breakaway. (Cate Cox)
Audric Bermel guards. (Cate Cox)
Dyllan Bertucci shoots free throw. (Cate Cox)
Audric Bermil defends. (Cate Cox)
Luke Howard drives. (Cate Cox)
Luke Howard dribbles down court. (Cate Cox)
Audric Bermel defends. (Cate Cox)

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