Bowling Season Wrap-up

Bowling season is wrapping up at EHS. The bowling teams accomplished a lot, especially since it’s their first year together.


Skye Dixon

Bowling season is coming to a close. The EHS Bowling team sent multiple people to State.

Phillip Truong, Video Manager

In 2022, EHS implemented its first bowling team supervised by the physical education teacher, Kelly McMeekin. Despite this being the first season for the EHS Bowling team, they sent two people for state: senior Kendall Rager and senior Mallorie Ough. Rager placed 21st for State and Ough placed 23rd for State. For boys, they were only able to rack up one win throughout the season, ending the season 1-17, whereas the girls were able to end the season with a record of 8-10. Throughout the season, the team strived to work hard but still had fun with the game and the newly formed team. Senior Axl Rasmussen, in his first year of bowling, had held bowling in high regard stating.

“It’s a ton of fun to mess around with the team over practices. We aren’t the best out there, but every day working with this team is fantastic,” Rasmussen said.

The team may not have ended with positive records for both boys and girls, but clearly, the team enjoyed their time on the EHS Bowling team, as it was a first experience for all the players there. With the season finally meeting its end, the bowling team is already eager to strike out next year’s competition with their hard work and dedication!

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