AOTW – Darla Crews

Performing since middle school, Darla Crews is awarded Antler of the Week due to her compassion and work ethic in show choir.


Zoe Rasmussen

Junior Darla Crews performs her speech titled Inside Out. During the Speech Showcase, she also featured in the speech titled Sleepover from Hell.

Makayla Brackett, Photo Manager

Junior Darla Crews has been involved in many performance arts activities throughout her high school years such as drama club, one act, choir, musical, speech, color guard, and show choir. Additionally, she takes on a leadership role in Excel as the section leader for the altos.

“I just make sure everyone knows their vocal parts. If somebody’s struggling, I can help them, and obviously, I put my best foot forward every day,” Crews said.

Crews has been participating in show choir ever since the sixth grade, making it almost six years of being on the stage. She spends an abundance of time focusing on show choir, putting in at least nine hours a week.

“We have rehearsals Tuesday nights [from] 6 pm to 9 pm. Outside of that, sometimes we [practice on] Fridays after school before competitions for about two hours,” Crews said. “When I’m on my own at my house, sometimes I’ll just review certain pieces of music.”

With Crews’ six years of experience with show choir, she has been involved in all aspects of performing. However, nothing sticks out to her more than the great bonds created. 

“All the people that are involved in the show choir are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet,” Crews said. “Getting to hang out with them all day and then sharing the stage with them is probably my favorite part.” 

While she enjoys the bonds she has created throughout the years, another thing that has stuck out to Crews is the results of her performances.

“That feeling you get when you know you’ve done a good job, coming off the stage and saying to yourself ‘that was one of my best performances,’ or that feeling when you figured out that you broke finals, and you get to do it all over again [is really rewarding],” Crews said. “It’s a really rewarding feeling to know that the hard work that you put in, something comes out of it.”

Junior Sabine Worner, one of Crews’s quintet group members, believes she holds a lot of talent in the performing arts industry. 

“She is really talented; she is a really valuable asset to our team,” Worner said. “She knows what needs to get done, and she helps the team set their eyes on that.”

With having to spend a lot of time with Crews throughout Excel’s competition season and concert choir, Worner believes that Crews’ memorization is very good, while her portrayal of her characters is another aspect that makes her a great asset to the team. 

Another show choir member, junior Blakely Kenzy, shares that her singing voice is a great quality to have within the team.

“Her singing voice is literally impeccable. There are no flaws in it,” Kenzy said. “She is one of the best altos I know.”

Crews and the other show choir members traveled to Grand Island Senior High to compete in their last competition of the season on February 25th. Excel received first runner-up.

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