Attention All Book Lovers!

Although Book Club’s numbers are small, the reoccurring members find joy between the lines.


McKenzie Harnisch, Reporter

Attention all book lovers that are looking for more books and genres to read! Elkhorn High’s Book Club is something to consider if you have not already thought about it. It is a fun and easy club that meets in the library every four to six weeks at 7:40 am.  

“We come every few weeks and pick books to talk about, but more than that, we pick genres and then just talk about books that we really like,” Book Club sponsor and librarian Leigh Geis said.

There are about ten students who are involved in the club, and they love finding new books to dive into. It is a place where freshman Yuridia Hernandez-Tapia can openly talk about one of her passions to other kids who share similar interests. She has also found new books through the club, but her favorite book by far is The Messenger.

“I really like to read, and when I heard of it, I knew there would be other people there that like to read,” Hernandez-Tapia said.

The club is an easy way to find a new book or genre and to express your opinions on specific books the group is reading at the time. Junior Kenzie Sunday enjoys talking about reading with other kids who can relate. The club has helped her find new genres and books to read without the struggle of searching through a library.

“I like reading books, and I wanted to know more books to read because it is hard to find ones that I like,” Sunday said.

The club is talking about trying something new, like hopefully getting involved in Reading Across America within the next few years. Reading Across America is a year-long event with the goal of getting students more involved in reading.

“It’s a place where I can talk about one of my passions,” Hernandez-Tapia said.

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