The Last Days of Poe

Auditions have been held for this year’s spring play, Nevermore. Practice for the show begins on March 13th.

Lilly Schejbal, Reporter

The spring play’s cast, directed by English teacher Jeff Garst, got their roles in the play to start practicing on March 13th. 

Auditions were on February 16th at Elkhorn High School. There were many students who went out to audition. Some were veterans of the theater department while others were trying out acting for the first time.

“There were 53 roles in the show, I believe,” Garst said. “Everyone who auditioned was able to get a role.”

Auditions were open to whoever wanted to give them a shot, unlike the student-directed one act earlier this year.

“It has a lot of opportunities for kids who want to dip their toes in the water,” Garst said.  “It’s also got opportunities for kids who are serious about theater and want to commit a whole lot of time to it.” 

Junior Logan Keickhafer, cast as the lead role, is ready to put this production together.

“It’s about Edgar Allen Poe and a reimagining of his last days before he died,” Keickhafer said. “I have the role of Edgar Allen Poe.”

 This spring’s play is a popular production by Edgar Allen Poe called Nevermore. Senior Fisher Kirven, who was a lead role in The Addams Family this previous fall, is also ready for the production to begin.

“I think the memorization comes to me easily,” Kirven said. “I started acting in third grade. My first play was Charlotte’s Web, and I’ve loved it ever since.”

With Garst being the director of the play, he has taught students many important aspects of theater.

“He has taught me to have fun on stage while staying true to the characters in the production,” Keickhafer said.

The show will be performed on May 4th, 5th, and 6th at 7:30 pm, as well as on May 7th at 2 pm. Ticket prices are not official yet, but they are going to be set at around four to six dollars. Support the theater and come see the show!

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