Pageant Princess

The current senior class of 2023 took on the Mr. EHS pageant last week.


Kenzie Carlson

Senior Aiden Sufficool promotes a string of plush bacteria toys during the “sell this item” portion of the Mr. EHS pageant. He won the competition on March 8th, 2023.

Avery Anderson, Reporter

Elkhorn High School’s Student Council hosted the annual Mr. EHS pageant last Wednesday, March 8th. Ten contestants competed for the role: Chase Ruch, Dyllan Bertucci, Cole Houck, Aiden Sufficool, Jake Uehling, Casey Schiessler, Aiden Mountain, Jaxson Ninete, Tanner Kloster, and Noah Lindberg. Aiden Sufficool took home the title of Mr. EHS after a long battle against his fellow seniors. He dominated each section of the competition, including an obstacle course, a beauty portion, a short interview by John Bacus, a “sell this item” portion, and a personal talent they had to perform on stage for the judges. 

Judges math teacher Dallas Burright, science teachers Madeline Horn and Staci Stevens, and English teacher Kayla Anderson chose the winner based on a rubric made by Student Council members. The teachers were all first-time judges of the competition with no past knowledge of how the pageant should have been conducted. This gave the judges a clear mind with no bias from past experience. 

“I was just thrown in,” Horn said. “I didn’t even know half of the boys competing, but it was really cool to see them all in that environment.”

Sufficool used his humor and show choir skills to win over the judges and audience during his interview, sell this item portion where he sold a strand of plush bacteria, and personal talent. His talent consisted of dancing his heart out to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” on Just Dance. 

“I felt very confident before and throughout the entire performance,” Sufficool said. “It was a lot of fun.”

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