Students Stand Against LB574

Students in Nebraska walk out of school for transgender rights


Students at Central High and Westside protest the ban on gender affirming care.

Throughout Omaha, students in public schools scheduled a walkout, protesting Nebraska’s ban on gender-affirming care. The bill would ban gender reassignment surgeries and hormonal therapies. The ones in favor of the bill agree that it will help protect minors from regretting any of these procedures when they are older.
Senators in favor of the bill looked at research on how brains don’t fully develop until a person is in the early 20s and used the information to back up why they think the bill should be passed.
The Nebraska Legislature has been debating for a while about the banning of it because it has become personal for many people. The Senators who are against it are passionate about it because it impacts their lives. Considering senators who are against it, Senator Megan Hunt is extremely involved with it as her child is transgender.
The students in Nebraska schools felt very strongly against the ban and schools like Westside and Central High participated in the walkout. This drew the attention of hundreds of people who also began to participate in it.
Letters were sent out to school administrators, suggesting that they let their students exercise their right to advocate their opinions on the issue. The letters also talk about how this walkout will only be peaceful but may distract from class activities. They are letting the administration know about the walkout so the students won’t be punished severely.
They wanted their opinions to be heard and the five senators who are trying to filibuster the ban make them feel heard. Students who participated in the walkout feel that those rights should not be taken. Their opinion on the matter is that transgender people know their bodies best, even if their brains aren’t fully developed yet.
The debate over the bill being passed is still ongoing. Senators and students alike are protesting against it, while others are in favor of the bill being passed.

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