Where in the World is Whalen?

Whalen gains experience from traveling the globe.


Abby Whalen

Abby Whalen visits the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2021.

Social studies teacher Abby Whalen has traveled the world from a very young age. She uses these life experiences to learn about herself and the world around her.
“I think traveling alone teaches you a lot about your own strength and what you can and can not handle,” Whalen said. “You also learn a lot about your own tastes and what you actually enjoy.”
Whalen not only travels internationally but she also does it alone. She likes being at liberty to do whatever she wants while on her trips.
“It’s really freeing because you get to do what you want when you want; you are completely at your own whims,” Whalen said. “You also have to be a lot more hyper-aware of the situations around you.”
She takes many precautions to keep herself safe in foreign countries, such as being vigilant of her surroundings and protecting her belongings. She occasionally carries fake purses and an old phone as a distraction while her essential items are actually tucked away and hidden on her person.
“In most countries, I just make sure I watch who’s watching me, which is advice my mother has always said. Just make sure that you are watching other people watching you,” Whalen said.
Her passion for traveling stemmed from growing up in an active family with a passion for traveling.
“We went to Canada when I was two and I studied abroad when I was 19, but we constantly traveled while I was growing up,” Whalen said.
As a world geography teacher, it has given her more knowledge and perspective on her teaching topics.
“I’ve been to six continents now so I can personally say that what I’m teaching is true,” Whalen said. “It gives you a lot of perspectives on other people’s lives and that is my whole job.”

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