Composition of Blue

The creative writing class at Elkhorn High School taught by Kim Zach completed a unit in poems. This is a piece from that unit, written by Rachel Janacek.

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Composition of Blue

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Scorpion grasses and Siberian Squill.

African lily. Aquamarine.

Jeans. Mailbox. Moon jellyfish.


Robin eggs, sapphire.

Baby boy.

The iconic ice cream bunny.

Smurfs, Dory, Cookie Monster.


Israeli, Finnish, and Greek flags.

The Hawaiian word – polū.

Poison dart frog.



that flows

in the veins

of noble families.



Splendid fairywren.

Once in a tanzanite moon.





Clear, cloudless sky.

Big, deep body of water.

Those eyes Elton John sang about.


Chase’s eyes.