Too Great for Hate

Are dynasties ruining or improving sports?


Keith Allison

Teams like the New England Patriots in the NFL, the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, or the Alabama Crimson Tide in college football are constantly making appearances in their championship games.  These sports dynasties can be viewed as either frustrating or beautiful, depending on who one talks to. But first, how does one define a sports dynasty?

       “[A sports dynasty is] a period of dominance,” Sophomore Jaxon Morgan said.  

       “[A sports dynasty is] a team that wins a lot of championships and wins a lot of games in general,” Sophomore Kade McNamara said.

       A concern expressed by some fans is that they fear dynasties are ruining sports.

       “It kind of takes the joy out of watching the Super Bowl or National Championship because you always see the same teams in the Super Bowl or National Championship and it gets a little boring to watch,” McNamara said.

       However, some appreciate the greatness of dynasties.

       “I think they enhance it, because it gives everybody else something to shoot for,” EHS Head Football Coach Mark Wortman said.

       While Wortman and McNamara’s opinions side on opposite ends of the spectrum, Morgan takes a more neutral point of view.

       “Neither.  It’s definitely not as good as it was but it’s not terrible,” Morgan said.

       Some fans are frustrated with the appearances of the same teams in championship games.

       “It’s always good to see different teams in championships than just the same old team over and over again,” McNamara said.

       Superteams, or teams with some of the sports’ top athletes, are another topic of debate.  Some players seek to go to teams they deem more successful than where they are at currently.  

       “If players want to go to that place they can go to that place,” Morgan said.

       “Even though it is super boring to watch the same team play in championships, the team signed and drafted the same players that won those championships,” McNamara said.

       Wortman argues that talent doesn’t ensure a dynasty.

       “Just because you have talent doesn’t mean you’re gonna win.  Sometimes the most talented teams haven’t won,” Wortman said.

       Wortman also believes that dynasties better other teams.

       “Good teams make everybody else better,” Wortman said.

       McNamara thinks that dynasties have brought about a dark age in sports.

       “There’s just so much controversy surrounding all these teams that are winning the championships,” McNamara said.

       On the other hand, Wortman thinks that successful teams enhance sports.  

      “If they’re that good, it’s up to other teams to try and beat them,” Wortman said.

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