Back in Black

A spoiler free review of Maleficent Two.

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Back in Black

Ally Limley, Reporter

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Maleficent originally came out in 2014 and now, five years later, Maleficent Two hit theatres. The long awaited sequel was released October 18 this year. This new addition is just two minutes short of being a two hour movie.

All of the main characters, Maleficent, Aurora, and Diaval, make a return of course along with some before-seen creatures, some new creatures, and a prince. While no one is surprised that the whole premise of the movie is Aurora wanting to marry the love of her life, the prince of course, there are still many surprises along the way. The storyline is actually complex and keeps the audience guessing.

Unfortunately, every good thing has a bad side. I was not too impressed with the costumes. Aurora wore exclusively pink and blue for almost the entire movie and Maleficent and Diaval wore only black. If you knew me you would know I have no place to talk about always wearing black, but come on we have already seen her wear black for the entire first movie. There was some reprieve from Maleficent’s poor costume designs with an outfit switch later in the movie that was more dynamic, but I was still hoping for more. The prince, Phillip, had a nice enough wardrobe to receive a quick comment from me in the theatre, but nothing else. Oppositely, I loved seeing the queen’s dresses and crowns for each scene. They were much more detailed and intricate and overall fit her character really well.

It cannot be stressed enough how well the graphics were in this movie. Each creature from the Moors, the magical forest, was given so much detail and personality. I absolutely loved getting to see how they improved the old creatures and the new ones they had made. It was overwhelming at times trying to look at everything, but only in a positive way. All of the magical beings were adorable and creative (my personal favorite was the dandelion).

The acting throughout the movie was phenomenal. Tears were shed in the near empty theatre Thursday night the acting was that good. It is no surprise considering the movie had some big names attached to it, like Angelina Jolie (Maleficent) and Elle Fanning (Aurora).

Overall, the first movie holds a special place in my heart but this sequel makes a close second.