The Marvelous Music Man

This year’s production of the Music Man was nothing short of engaging.


Ashtyn Tridle

Junior Ben Hastreiter played the lead role as Professor Harold Hill.

Taylor Siebrass, Editor

“Oh ya got trouble!”

On November 7th and 8th I saw Elkhorn High’s production of the Music Man. While the production was fantastic overall, there were some rough spots in the first show. I noticed that the execution of the choreography was a bit unorganized. People were running into each other and getting off track; however, this issue was resolved by the second showing. The beginning was incredibly slow. It felt like I was sitting in the seat forever waiting for something to happen. I loved the ending of the opening scene though, (when Professor Hill revealed his name by turning the suitcase). That got a lot of laughter out of me every time. Now that I have my small critique out of the way- this musical was wonderful! I left each show with a wide smile on my face. Mrs. Smith and Mr. Bacus’s cameo was the best part about it. I am sorry if you are a crew member and dedicated weeks of your lives to this production, but Barb and Bacus as American Gothic! OH MY GOODNESS! Anyways, the set design was lovely. The detail from the signs to the plants were on point. The makeup was splendid! It had an effective aging perception. My favorite scene was the library scene. I was fascinated by the set design and its collaboration with the scene. There was little dialogue, but the music combined with the facial expressions said more than a thousand words. I adored how the books were used so fluidly as a beat and how the mobile bookshelf was used as a block between Marian and Professor Hill. It was so cute! The men’s quartet was the purest thing I have ever seen. Every time they were on stage I smiled so widely that my jaw was sore. Everything from the music and lights to the vocals and accents were flawless. Well done to the cast, stage crew, and ensemble. I enjoyed every minute I sat in those terrible auditorium chairs encompassed by the show. 


Photo courtesy of Jessica Logue

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