Eerie Unknown Drones Spotted in the Midwest’s Night Skies

Unknown drone sightings have been reported all around Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas

U.S. military drone on a routine practice drill.

U.S. military drone on a routine practice drill.

Ethan Webster, Editor

Everyone knows or has heard about the rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Tensions began over a year ago, with multiple oil takers getting attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Trump was quick to point the finger at Iran after every attack, with no solid evidence behind his claims. 

Recently, President Trump had a US drone strike and killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on January 3rd. Shortly after, Iran military forces accidentally launched two rockets at a Ukrainian passenger jet, killing all 176 passengers on board. Since footage of the missile attacks was released to the public, Iran publicly blamed the U.S. and the tensions between the two nations for their actions, but that is an entirely different news story. 

During the height of these events between the two nations, it was reported that dozens of unidentified drones were flying around in skies of Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. By mid December, the sheriff’s departments all around these three states had over 30 reports of the drones at night. 

Many locals in these areas mostly saw them at night, saying that the night sky would light up almost like christmas lights, sometimes not even an hour after dark. Sometimes these drones could be seen flying in formation, and other times they were singular drones flying by themselves. Experts studying the mystery drones say that they were massive, with wingspans over 6ft wide. 

Although the drones were ominous, it’s unclear whether they were breaking the law or not, or if they actually came from Iran. Many locals, worrying about the invasion of privacy have even gone as far to propose shooting down the drowns themselves. Although it may seem rational, law enforcement has made it clear that shooting down the drones would technically be a crime because it’s unclear if the drones were flying legally or not. Locals have been speculating where the drones could be coming from, thinking they could be government or company mapping missions, but that doesn’t explain why they were flying at night. Law enforcement also included that the drones were flying at too high of an altitude for shooting them down to actually be effective, but the drones were also low enough to be seen and cause worry amongst the locals. 

The biggest concern the locals have is where do the drones come from? Many are nervous that one day the drone sightings will stop without the knowledge of their origins being revealed to the public. It’s a fear of the unknown that haunts people the most.  

The scariest part about these drones, is that they were seen shortly after Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei released a list of possible targets of Iran attacks in the U.S.with Omaha, Nebraska being on that list. The incident was scary and mystical enough that multiple government agencies like the FBI, FAA, and the U.S. Air Force opened a combined investigation. The task force that was assembled consisting of multiple divisions from each agency deployed drone tracking technology, but since the drones have been operating in such a large area, it’s been difficult to actually discover where these drones were coming from. 

Since 2015, people who own a drone have had to register with the federal government, but there is no legal way for state or local governments to legally know and track drones owned by private citizens. In addition, drone tracking technology is not very advanced at all. The fact that an unarmed drone was able to fly extremely close to the White House without raising any alarms proves that. Especially since drones armed with homemade bombs have happened to a neighborhood in Pennsylvania. 

Most people have been pretty reasonable, thinking that its most likely mapping missions conducted by the federal government or various oil companies, but you can’t rule out the unknown. Even though it’s a strange coincidence that these drones appear during the height of tensions between the U.S. and Iran, but that isn’t a for sure fact either. Either way, the drone sightings are creepy and unusual, with any possibility being the potential answer. As of now, people can only hope that these drones are here peacefully, and don’t have a mission of destruction planned. 

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