Debut to Defeat

A rough start to what was supposed to be a great return to Class B for the Antlers against Norris


Editor Nicole Kallio

A player begins to stand up after being tackled.

Chase Ruch, Reporter

The Antlers made an unwelcoming return to Class B after being defeated by the No. 5 Norris Titans 28-18 last Friday. The antlers were the Class B favorites after being ranked No.1 in the week 1 preseason rankings.

 The game kicked off with the Titans receiving and made up about 30 yards off of the return.

 Cooper Hausman, a first-year varsity quarterback for Norris, threw a quick interception and Elkhorn had a good chance of taking a quick jump in the game. Instead of reaching the end zone, Cole Houck converted a 25-yard field goal attempt to put the Antlers up 3-0.

 Both teams tried at more points but neither could succeed until 9 seconds left in the first quarter. Norris was punting in their own end zone then a long and high snap flew out of the end zone for safety making an odd, yet acceptable score for Elkhorn as they were now up 5-0 as well having the ball going into the second quarter. 

Each team could not convert off their following drives and the score remained until there was just under three and a half minutes left in the first half. Aiden Young found space on an inside hand off from Gutschow that resulted in a 22-yard touchdown with Houck converting the PAT to make the score now 12-0.

 Then Kale Consbruck, who had an interception earlier in the game, ran 85 yards from a kickoff return to put up their first 6 points in rapid succession. The PAT was converted by Norris kicker Brady Reeves to make the score now 12-7, the rest of the game mostly had the momentum with the Titans.

 With just over a minute left, the Titans made quick and effective plays until the Antler 12 yard line when Norris receiver CJ Hood made a reception in the end zone for a passing touchdown. Then the Titans went for a two-point conversion that was successful thanks to a long scramble from Hausman that would then put the Titans up 15-12.

 Both teams would go in at halftime, the whole perception of the game completely changed.

Teams come out of their respective locker rooms as Elkhorn comes out with a lengthy possession but can’t score any points on the board. Norris has other plans in mind on the next drive.

Norris made their way up quickly and then CJ Hood scored a 21-yard reception in the right corner of the end zone to put Norris on top. Reeves once again converted a PAT and gave Norris a 22-12 lead over Elkhorn.

Right as the Antlers came back out, Norris would get the ball right back after a fumble that slipped from the hands of quarterback Grant Gutschow and was recovered by the Titans.

Then Ben Landgren comes out of the inside with wide-open space and a quick 17 yard run for a rushing touchdown. Reeves would break the perfect PAT percentage and miss the kick making it 28-12. 

The end of the third quarter to the middle fourth quarter would be very uneventful with neither side doing that much. Time was soon of the essence and Elkhorn needed some points quickly.

It would not come until about 2:20 remaining when Christo would make an athletic catch in the end zone for a touchdown. It would be only possible for a comeback if a two-point conversion was made and could not be after the Antlers being stopped inches short of the end zone, making it 28-18.

The Antlers went for an offside kick and could not gain possession which made the game all said and done at a scoreline of 28-18.

Senior running back Aiden Young believes this will not be the norm and expects better will come out of this season. He also shows his excitement for the next upcoming game.

“We play on Thursday night against Roncalli and we are on TV and for a lot of kids that’s their first time being on TV and I’m really excited for them to experience that. I really believe that we should come away with the… that should be our only loss this season” Young said.

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