Good or Bad News?

In a seemingly happy marriage, an authority figure of the town has some news to share himself.


A ring on the finger doesn’t always mean the tie is binding.

Becca Vala, Guest Writer

Mrs. Castor, Molly Castor, the mayor of the town

Waiting anxiously for a phone call 

Her marriage was on its way down

All she wanted was to please her beloved Paul


Paul wanted a child 

They tried for years and she couldn‘t conceive 

The fights in their relationships began to grow wild

A positive test result she finally got to receive 


She was so excited she left her office in a huff

Her mayoral duties were put on instant hold

She went home and got ready with a to do list of stuff

A date with her husband tonight would unfold 


She couldn’t wait until they would drive to the fair

Hoping that the baby bump wouldn’t cause her dress to stretch more 

Ping! She got a text from Paul saying “meet me there”

She thought it odd but headed out the door


When she got to the pier she say her beloved Paul

Her heart began to race 

She didn’t know what was coming at all

Paul began to pick up his pace


They finally met at last and walked down the pier

Both their minds filled for them it was too much to bear

They stopped at once and Molly said “Look here”

But Paul interrupted with “I’m having an affair”

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