An Unforgettable Graduation

Even mother nature didn’t want these seniors to graduate.

Jacob Uehling and Cassy Limley

Battling through the perils of high school, a global pandemic, and rain during graduation, the class of 2021 reached the finish line of their high school careers. 

Their symbolic finish started with a downpour of rain delaying the ceremony by 30 minutes. As parents ran for cover, the administration crammed graduates into the new locker room. Though it was a madhouse of families searching for a roof, it was a fitting end to the school year. Spotted showers continued at the beginning of the graduation, but the ceremony ended with clear skies and sunshine.

Class speaker Spencer Gordman gave a speech that only a stand-up comedian could pull off. From thanking Mrs. Jones to giving a well-thought-out speech, he honored the senior class. His speech will be one that the seniors will remember for years to come. 

Principal Mark Schroeder led his first graduation as the principal of Elkhorn High School. He got to show off one of the best athletic, academic, and fine arts class the school has ever had. Many awards were given out, like the Ralph Noerrlinger given to Sydney Mencke and Drew Christo. 

Dr. Barry Habrock gave a speech about luck and the importance of having a lucky mentality. After his speech, there was a long procession for the 313 graduates to receive their diplomas.  

Then that was it. Four years of high school, three of middle school, and six of elementary school were finally wrapped up for the class of 2021. After 13 years of schooling, a two-hour graduation ceremony, and a hat throw, the class of 2021 is off to new and greater adventures.


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