The Complete Culture Trilogy

Rap group Migos released their long anticipated third Culture album.


Album cover for Culture iii

Riley Rasmussen, Video Editor

In 2017, Migos dropped
Culture, an album that has changed the rap game ever since. It brought a new sound and style that inspired other artists. The following year, they dropped yet another culture album, Culture ii. It still had the classic sound of the original Culture album but with a new, innovative twist. 


Personally, I grew up listening heavily to Migos. No Label is a classic album. However, I really started getting into themit when Culture was released. Culture and Culture ii are some of my favorite albums to this day. I had been waiting for Culture iii, so I had high expectations for this album. 



Rating: 8/10


Right from the start, I really liked the beat. Quavo started off with great flow, and their ad libs were on point. Offset took the next verse, and it was my favorite. Takeoff’s verse really suited him. Overall, I think this was a great introduction to the album. It’s a chill song, and it has the infamous Culture sound to it. 


“Having Our Way” feat. Drake

Rating: 8/10


When the track list was released, I was extremely excited for this song. Drake started off the song perfectly, and his verse went great with the beat. His lyrics were very creative. When Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff came into the song, it made it that much better. This is one of my favorite songs from the album. It’s the right amount of chill and hype.



Rating: 9/10


This song was released as a single a few weeks before the album was released, so I had already heard it. This got me excited for the album. The beat goes hard and their verses are smooth. The background sounds are heaven-sent; I feel like I am levitating when I hear it. This is overall a very “Migos” song. 


“Type Sh*t” feat. Cardi B

Rating: 6/10


I liked how Takeoff started off this song. His voice goes well with the beat, and his flow is flawless throughout the whole song. I think that Cardi B is actually very talented and sounds great with Migos. Her verse was very good in my opinion. However, I do not think this is a top song from this album. It is not bad, but I think that the chorus is not very strong. 


“Malibu” feat. Polo G

Rating: 6.5/10


The chorus on this song is fire. I am not a big fan of Polo G and do not think he sounds the best with Migos. However, the rest of the song is excellent. The Migos verses were exceptional and sounded great with the beat. Without Polo G, I would give this an 8/10. I think this would have been better without Polo in my opinion. 



Rating: 6/10


This beat made the song. I think this sounds good with the group; it has the Culture vibe. This kind of reminds me of Culture ii, which is one of my favorites. I do not think this is one of my favorite songs from this album, but it’s not bad. It is a good addition to the album.


“Modern Day”

Rating: 8/10


Quavo’s verse was pretty strong. It is definitely a newer sound for the group. Takeoff’s verse is my favorite for this song. This is probably more of an experimental song, so I respect that. This was a solid song. 



Rating: 9/10


I think this song is also another experimental song, but I like this more than “Modern Day.” The beat is interesting and sounds good with their flow. Takeoff’s verse reminds me of their older songs. Offset’s verse is great as always. Overall, I think this is one of the best off the album. 


“Picasso” feat. Future

Rating: 6/10


This was another song I was highly anticipating when the track list was released because Future is one of my favorite artists. This song was also a newer sound for Migos. It is more of a sing-song rap. The flute in the background reminds me of “Mask Off” by Future. I was expecting more from this song, but it was still decent.



Rating: 8.5/10


The reverb in the beginning really caught my attention. Offset starts off the song strong. I love the beat and the verses. I think this is a very good song. It has a more new sound to them rather than the older Culture sound. This is one of the best songs on this album.


“What You See” feat. Justin Bieber

Rating: 5/10


I did not know what to expect for this song, personally. It is a more chill song on the album. This type of song is not my favorite, but I like the Justin Bieber inclusion. He went well with this song. I think this was another experimental song, but it was personally not one of my favorites. 



Rating: 7.5/10


This beat is so hard. The chorus is very repetitive, but I think the verses make up for it. Their flow is smooth throughout the whole song. This gives me the original Culture vibes. I think this was a great song for this album. 


“Antisocial” feat. Juice WRLD

Rating: 7/10


In the beginning, a violin starts off the song. It sounded weird at first, but it went with the song. It is definitely a slow song, but I think this was very well done. Juice’s verse was emotional and sounded good with the beat. I did not really know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked this more than I thought I would. 


“Why Not”

Rating: 8/10


The background noise was new and interesting for them. I like the sound of this; it is different but it sounds good on them. Quavo’s verse flowed well with the beat. I think this song was new and fresh for the group  



Rating: 6/10


This song is slow and chill. It is a pretty good song, but Iit isn’t a top song for me. The production is very good, and they sound good on the beat. I think this is an average song for Migos. 


“Handle My Business”

Rating: 6.5/10


Offset started off on the song pretty strong. I liked the pauses in the beginning. The beat had a newer sound to it. The vibe of the song is more chill. However, iIt is not one of my top songs on the album. It is another pretty average song for them in my opinion. 


“Time For Me”

Rating: 7/10


I really liked the beat on this song. Quavo explains his life before fame in his verse. It is another sing-song rap, but it sounds good to me. This song pleasantly surprised me. It is not for everyone, but I liked it. 


“Light it Up” feat. Pop Smoke

Rating: 9/10


I had very high expectations for this song when I saw Pop Smoke was featured since he is one of my favorite artists. The beat was amazing and sounded good on all of them. My expectations were met, and I really enjoyed this song. It sounds like the perfect mix between how Migos sounds and how Pop Smoke sounds. This is one of my favorites. 


“Need It” feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Rating: 10/10


This song was released last year as a single, and I loved it from the start. The 50 Cent sample was a great choice for them. I love how they go back and forth throughout the song. I still love this song, and I am glad they included it on the album. 


Overall, I liked a lot of songs from this album. I think the production in this album is amazing and they sound good. These are all just first impressions, so some songs might grow on me as I listen to it more.

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