Back On Stage

After a year of COVID-19 restrictions, the members of Excel are back on stage and ready to perform.  


Charlee Sharack

Excel members McKenna Flynn, Will Oestmann, Noah Lindberg, Celia McCaslin, Aiden Sufficool, and Hudson Goldal practice choreography.

Charlee Sharack, Reporter

Last year, Elkhorn High School’s show choirs were limited to three performances, masks, and limited live singing. This year, varsity show choir, Excel, can go back to competitions, live singing, and more. Many students are excited to be back to normal. It was not a typical experience for kids last year. Members have the freedom to do more things, like singing without masks, being closer, and having more time together. 

“It feels kinda like a fever dream,” senior Mckenna Flynn said. “It feels like it’s not real.”

Coming back to show choir traditions are essential for members. Going to competitions and hosting the annual Red Carpet Classic competition are group favorites. Last year, neither Excel nor the junior varsity show choir was allowed to do either. Excel members this year are looking forward to going to competitions the most because of the atmosphere and being able to perform for everyone there. 

“It just makes all of our work worth it. It is also a place where a bunch of people who love show choir is together,” senior Caily Jones said. 

Excel members aren’t the only ones who are excited to return. Director Abby Thompson is happy to be back because of how important it is for a choir to be together. She is looking forward to coming together as an entire show choir community with other schools. 

This year’s theme is dancing in the streets and coming together as a community. While the show is based on songs that Thompson liked, she believes that the show can also be linked to coming returning after COVID-19 and starting fresh.

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