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Marvel’s latest smash hits depicts alternate realities on your favorite characters.

Marvels new animated show What If? explores stories across the multiverse.

Marvel’s new animated show What If? explores stories across the multiverse.

Zoe Rasmussen, Reporter

Each week, I’ve been watching the latest episode of Marvel’s new animated TV show What If? and I’d like to give my opinion on the first five episodes so far.  There’s been a lot of hype building up for this show, and I believe that it definitely deserves the love and attention it’s been getting.

What If? takes place across various timelines and time periods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Each episode follows a slew of different characters in different timelines that vary, often drastically, from the current MCU timeline.

All of the voice actors in What If? are very talented, even if some of the characters are voiced by different people than in the movies.  For instance, in episode one, Steve Rogers is voiced by Josh Keaton instead of Chris Evans.  My favorite voice actor from the show so far would have to be either Benedict Cumberbatch, who voices Doctor Stephen Strange in episode four, or Chadwick Boseman, who voices Black Panther mainly in episode two.  Both of these actors portray the character in the movies, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re phenomenal with showing their emotions through their voices in the show.

There are many things that I enjoyed about this show, but I did have one small criticism.  Sometimes during certain episodes, the pacing felt a little fast.  It makes sense though since most of the time they’re trying to fit a movie’s worth of content into 35 minutes.  That being said, there were many moments in the show that felt paced very well.  Humorous scenes and emotional scenes were aplenty, and both worked really well at the moment.  I also adored the animation style, though I could see some people not liking it that much.

What If? isn’t really a show about lessons and morals, but if there was one it would probably be that every choice you make matters.  Each episode starts with a choice that creates a different timeline from the one portrayed in the MCU.  Often even the smallest decisions that seem unimportant turn out to be the most impactful.

I would recommend this show to anyone who has seen most of the MCU movies.  If you dive into this show without any previous knowledge of the universe it’s set in, then you’ll most likely be very confused about who most of the characters are.  What If? is rated PG-13 for language and action sequences.  My final word on this show so far is if you like the MCU, then you’ll love this show.


Scale of 1-5:

4 ½

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