The Dress Code Debate

The highly controversial rules about dress codes, get ramped-up.


Lexie Just

Example of an EHS dress-code violation.

Lexie Just, Reporter

At Elkhorn High School, the dress code has been a topic of discussion amongst many students and teachers on whether it is appropriate or not.

Alexis Geislar, a senior, has been dress-coded twice this year. She has never been dress-coded in her previous years of attending Elkhorn. She believes that she was dress-coded because her chest and stomach were slightly exposed. Geislar was taken down to the office both times, but on her second offense, they called her parents and asked her to change clothes. To avoid being dress-coded, Geislar asked her mom if her clothes were appropriate or not for school. 

“I really enjoyed coming to school every day to see other students’ outfits,” Geislar said.

Linda Milliken, a teacher at Elkhorn, believes that some of her students have come to class dressing inappropriately by wearing revealing clothing. Examples of inappropriate and distracting clothing include shirts exposing girls’ chests and stomachs and shorts that are too small. Despite the recent dress coding, she believes that most of the students at Elkhorn do a good job at following the dress code and dressing appropriately.

“Some students should be reminded of the dress code we have here,” Milliken said.

Taylor Grasz, a senior, has not been dress-coded in school but believes that more girls have been getting dress code lately. During her soccer practices, she noticed that people complained about the girls wearing sports bras, but the guys can practice without shirts on.

“I think that there are just as many boys who wear their hoods up or sag their pants. So, shouldn’t they be getting dress coded too?” Taylor Grasz said. 

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