Suns Out Funs Out

Elkhorn students get a head start on school activities.


The Girls golf youth camp members.

Makayla Brackett, Reporter

During the months of June and July, students enrolled in their favorite activities participated in hosting camps for their respective sports. Current sophomore Lawson Clevenger participated in tennis last fall. While he was practicing his skill, he decided to join the official elkhorn tennis camp each chance he got.

“I wanted to get better at the sport.” Clevenger said.  “I was glad I did it because we did a bunch of fun games, and I got to hang out with people over summer break.”

While tennis camp was going, another camp that is not particularly for high school students to be a member of but a helper at. The Elkhorn Youth girls golf camp was hosted this summer as well. 

Being a member of a camp is so much fun, however, according to Addie Reser, being a leader at a camp is a lot more fun. Addie started helping at the youth golf camp at elkhorn ridge over the summer, and she believes it’s a good way to become a leader and get kids involved.

“It is a camp for younger kids (around 6-11 years old) to learn about how to play golf, ” Reser said.

Continuing on the youth camp, personal finance teacher Mr. Myers was a host at the youth camp this summer as well. Mr. Myers is the coach for the girl’s golf team at elkhorn high school, and he also is an advisor of Deca. He was so excited to host the youth camp this summer and the growth that they made. 

“We doubled the number of participants this summer,” Myers said.  

He also mentioned that a lot of the high school girls were involved in either teaching lessons or helping around the camp. The girls involved were: Addie Reser, Alyssa DiNapoli, Daphne crews, and Alexa Swercek. If someone is interested in helping next summer, Myers strongly advocates for it.

“Definitely do it. It is a good way to get involved in the community and spread positivity.” 


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