Antlers ruin the Skyhawks Hawktober.


Mason Beister

Antlers against Skutt was a big game, and a big win for the Antlers. The Antlers walk away with 33-13 on the scoreboard. Friday, October 22nd.

Jacob Uehling, Editor

The Elkhorn Antlers trample through the Skutt Skyhawks to end their regular season. Elkhorn’s offense ran up the score to 33, and they shut down Caden Becker and Skutt, only allowing 13 points. Not only did this allow Elkhorn to secure the 4th seed in the playoffs, a regular season with only one loss, but they also secured back-to-back Class B Districts 2 championship titles.

Skutt came out firing on the first drive, but they stalled and were only able to fire the ball through the uprights on a Noah Boyd field goal, one of many attempts that night. Skutt’s offense started out shaky, a nice option here, and a successful pass there, but it looked like they implemented an entirely new playbook based on how many mistakes they made from the get-go. 

Skutt continued with one of their only kickoffs that night, a booming kick from Boyd. Unfortunately, Mikey Hart boomed through the open gap and returned both the ball and the favor to the house. The return was just too nice, so the refs called it back for holding. Mikey Hart got his payback after the Antlers drove untouched down the field and scored off a 2-yard run from Hart. It took 11 plays to drive down 77 yards, which was one of the most efficient drives all night as their offense was shut down until the end of the second quarter.

After all this greatness from Elkhorn, something was bound to happen, and bound to happen it did. Skutt held Elkhorn to a 3 and out and forced Elkhorn to punt. Cole Houck went for the punt, the snap went back, caught by Houck, Cole’s foot swings to drill the ball, ball drops, foot connects, a hand connects, a Skutt defender broke through and bats the ball up into the air. Skutt gains possession in scoring range, on the Antlers’ 29-yard line. 

The Antlers would not let this one bad play characterize this game, this half, this quarter, or even the next drive, as they stuffed the Skutt offense and forced a field goal attempt. Boyd had already drilled a field goal earlier today, but he would not get that same luck again. Billy Joel, My Life,  must have been playing through his head after that miss.

“I never said you had to offer me a second chance. I never said I was a victim of circumstance. I still belong. Don’t get me wrong.”

Elkhorn’s offense was still ineffective at this point, as they were held to another 3 and out. Skutt leads a successful drive for the first time since the first drive of the game. This will not last as they stall out in field goal range. Boyd earned his MVP award as he drilled his second field goal of the day. 

As the clock ticked to a close for the first half, Hayden Stec decided to turn on the afterburners as he sped down the middle of the field for a 42 yard gain. This didn’t put any points on the board, necessarily, but it gave Elkhorn the spark they needed, and a few plays later, a score. 

This spark was the nail in the coffin. Bang, 49-yard touchdown pass to Dane Petersen. Bang, Tanner Houck 29 yard reception. Bang, 32-yard touchdown run from Mikey Hart. Bang, Zach Linen interception in the end-zone. Bang, Petersen 22 yard reception and a 1-yard touchdown run from Stec.

At this point, it is 33-13 and as Elkhorn drives down a final time, the buzzer rings and the game is over. Elkhorn dominated in all facets of the game. Their passing attack had drastically improved, their rushing attack was unstoppable due to the big boys upfront. The MVP of the game was DJ Robinson-Long. He did not have any rushing or receiving yards, but he was dominant in the trenches. He was a force to be reckoned with all games as he had constant QB pressures, multiple tackles for losses, and opened up holes wider than the parting of the red sea. 

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