Grace in Old Lace

Grace Scott finishes her high school performing arts career.


Cassy Limley

Grace Scott performing her role in the EHS Fall play.

Sofia Hartman, Design Editor

“My mom and dad always ask, ‘Grace, how are you scared to go anywhere alone, but you can get on stage and be normal in front of hundreds of people like it’s no big deal?’” senior Grace Scott said. 

Scott also asks herself this, and after her seventh year participating in the theater department, she still doesn’t know. Starting in sixth grade working in the tech department, Scott quickly realized that she wanted to be on stage. After never having tried out for a play before, she took to the stage and was cast as the lead role during her eighth-grade year. Ever since then, the stage has been Scott’s home. 

“It’s all about envisioning yourself and not being afraid to make a wrong choice and just being bold. It’s a lot just not being scared, which is hard of course, but it comes with time,”  Scott said.

Scott has spent a lot of time performing in Elkhorn’s theater department. Over the course of her high school years, Scott has performed in Newsies, Sophia in Fools, Snappy’s Happy, Hald Hour, 9 Worst Breakup of All Time, Bad Auditions by Bad Actors, and most recently Arsenic and Old Lace

As a senior, Arsenic and Old Lace was Scott’s final time performing in a high school play. Scott performed as Abby, one of the two old lady killers, and Dr. Harper.  

“This year, there were three of four seniors and the rest were underclassmen,” Scott said. “I got to act like the people who I looked up to freshman year. Getting to be a leader was so nice. Everyone is so sweet and nice.” 

In this year’s play, things were on a bit more of a time crunch than usual.

“We usually have a Spring play, so the band kids can all fully participate. Because it was in the Fall and they had competitions on Saturdays, we had to have a full understudy cast. That meant that we had the same amount of time for each cast as we would for just one cast,” Scott said.

Despite this, Scott states that her role as Abby was her favorite one she ever performed. 

“It’s such a thrill. Being on stage is like an escape. Nothing is real, and you just get to embody someone else,” Scott said.

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