Locke and Key Season Review

A new season of Locke and key unfolds on Netflix for the viewers to enjoy during the spooky season.


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Locke and key is a new series, taking place on Netfix. The Locke kids unravel a a mystery when they find these keys which belong to there father.

Makayla Brackett, reporter

Set in a present-day standpoint and based in a fictional town called Matheson, Massachusetts. The Locke family moves to a mysterious key house after the unexpected death of their father: Rendall Locke. Kinsley, Bode, and Tyler Locke are the children affected by this tragic accident and are the only ones impacted by the future events in the key house. While they are accompanied by these mysterious keys found within the walls of the house.

The first season comes to an end when the key house is attacked by Lucas and Dodge. The second season starts around a year, after the passing of their dad, the Locke family is seeking to find more information on what these reality-bending keys do in their dad’s childhood house. 

In the second season, an abundance of the main characters from the previous season is followed through into this season. While there are a few newer characters presented. Josh Bennet played by Brendon Hines is a newcomer to Matheson, while he has a young daughter named Jamie. They moved to this mysterious town looking for a new beginning. In the duration of them getting settled in Matheson they find out that the Locke family and himself (Josh bennet) have plenty of similarities which causes some tension between the two families. 

In season 2 there is so much to admire. Starting off there is a lot of dramatic ironies which helps tie into the mysterious setting and the eerie presents of some of the characters. Throughout the season another great quality that is sourced without is the mystery of the keys. The keys take each character on a journey, and they never know where it gonna lead them. While it also creates more suspense to the series because you never know what a new key will do until strides through the keyhole. 

I would say that this series is not the best one around. Overall, this series can get a tad bit confusing; There is a lot of information that is thrown out to a viewer. While if are not a hundred percent dedicated to the show when watching you will most likely miss something that could be important later. 

 Locke and key season two merged into Netflix’s top ten on October 22nd, 2021. While the show is rated tv-14 I would recommend it to children 10 years and older because it has a great storyline, Overall I really enjoyed this show. Even though it is kind of challenging to keep up with everything; the suspense is very intriguing and keeps you interested in the show. 

Makayla’s take: 4/5 antlers

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