New and Improved

Renovations in the library make it a must see for students at EHS.


Phillip Truong, Reporter

For Elkhorn High School, our new and freshly furnished library has just been unveiled. Inside the library, we now have new tables and desks with plugins included in the desk, so you can have chargers and plugs available for your use, a new couch and seats all around the library, and new decorations all around that give off welcoming vibes. 

“We all really like the library and there are still more things yet to come here in the library, so look forward to next year,” librarian Mrs. Geiss said.

With all this furniture, we are still waiting on more renovations coming to the library and may come this or the following year. However, students all around the school still go to the library for academic work, quizbowl, AcaDeca, and just to read and relax. 

“It gives off way more welcoming vibes than last year, and my favorite thing about it is how nice and chill the library is,” sophomore Jake Thompson said.

The library is open all day during school hours, and there are varieties of books to choose from, quiet and relaxing areas to just work on homework, and good vibes all around. If you do visit the library, make sure to be quiet and respectful to the environment, and if there are any questions you have, contact Mrs. Geiss, who is in the library located near the C1 stairwell on the first floor.

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