The Badgers Run Away with the Antlers

The Antlers ended their near-perfect season on Friday, after falling to Bennington 28 to 7 to finish out the season.


Dane Peterson catches the only Antler touchdown for Friday’s game against Bennington. Photo courtesy of Scott Avery.

Friday’s game was a running battle, as wind gusts of up to 30 mph halted both teams’ chances of any passing attacks.  The special teams were knocked off their game with the incredible wind, one Antler punt went just 6 yards, and a Badger punt landed 7 yards from the line of scrimmage.

The first quarter of the game started off slow, with neither team making a successful drive on their first possession.  The ball went back to the Antlers, making a 7 play drive ending in a turnover on downs at the fifty-yard line.  The Badgers responded after an illegal formation was called, with a 25-yard run from Mostek finally changing the scoreboard, now 7-0 badgers to end the first quarter.

The second quarter started off with the same momentum as the first, the wind stalling drives for both teams.  With the cold taking its toll, an Antler fumble gave the ball back to the Badgers on their own 27-yard line.  A five-play drive from Bennington added to the scoreboard again, 14-0 Badgers with 6:45 left in the first half.  After more stalled drives, the Antlers finally took their chance, and a 12-yard pass with the wind to Dane Peterson added to the Antler’s score for the only time all night.

The Antlers held strong in the third quarter, and an enormous kickoff from Houck went with the wind, flying past the endzone, over the track, and into the grass field about 30 yards from the uprights.  Mostek quickly ended their momentum, however, with an 80-yard run on the very first play, leaving the score 21 Badgers, 7 Antlers, with the Badgers score being higher than the temperature at the time.

Elkhorn had their final glimmer of hope in the fourth quarter, as they took over at the Badger 39 in the fourth quarter, ending in another fumble giving the Badgers the ball and setting them up for their final score of the game.  The final score was 28-7 Badgers.

Dan Feickert’s first season leaves the Antlers with high confidence in their chances next year, with Elkhorn’s ending record being 10-2, the only two losses being to Bennington.  Feickert inherited a team that had been run for 41 years by Mark Wortman, who took Elkhorn to the semifinals 16 times, finals 11 times, and finished his career with 6 championships.

The Antler Express would like to thank the players, parents, and especially the coaching staff of Antler Football, and congratulate Dan Feickert and his crew on a fabulous first season.

To the Badgers, congratulations on a wonderful season, and we wish you luck as you prepare for and play in the state championship.

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