Wrestling out the Womb

Standout sophomore Mason Villwok means business on the mats.


Phillip Truong, Reporter

“People always joke that I was wrestling since I got out of the womb. I played for fun, but eventually I was just really good, and I couldn’t stop,” Villwok said.

Throughout the years, football and wrestling have affected Villwok’s life in positive ways. He plans on playing both football and wrestling until his high school career is over, even aiming  to wrestle in college.

Villwok has long been dedicated to wrestling, and that dedication has led to him earning multiple state and national championships for wrestling.

“My work ethic is high not because I keep it high but because I keep myself busy with things that have to keep it high,” Villwok said.

Villwok’s teammates and coaches always show unwavering support for him and his wrestling career. Mr. Potter, a wrestling coach for EHS, is a great inspiration and role model for Villwok, and is one of the main reasons for him coming to Elkhorn.

“Initially, I was planning on going to a different school, but once, Mr. Potter just came to my house and convinced me and my dad to come to Elkhorn and wrestle there,” Villwok said.

Another major influence on Villwok has been his teammates. The challenge they give Villwok on a daily basis in practice has only made him better, with senior Brody Schmielau standing out to Villwok.

“Brody’s probably on my level or the best wrestler we have on the EHS wrestling team,” Villwok said.

Villwok is a great wrestler and a soon to be football star for EHS. With his hard work and dedication to his two sports, do not be surprised at Villwok’s success. The help of his encouraging teammates and coaching staff have inspired Villwok to be his best.

“I do not plan on stopping anytime soon,” Villwok said.

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