Food Drive Photo Essay

Photo essay of the can food drive put on by the Future Business Leaders of America club.


Jake Uehling

Syrup bottles lined up for the food drive.

Jacob Uehling, Editor

A box of macaroni and cheese sitting on a table. (Jake Uehling)
Tables filled with donated goods. (Jake Uehling)
Kate Goracke holding boxes of macaroni and cheese. (Jake Uehling)
Jack Fry carrying in his TA’s cans for the food drive. (Jake Uehling)
Two cans of chicken noodle soup waiting to be organized by the volunteers. (Jake Uehling)
Photo of assorted cans juxtaposed by a grayed out background of volunteers. (Jake Uehling)
Photo of two cans being held by a volunteer. (Jake Uehling)

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