My Life Was Never Eazy

Rhett Uleman gives his opinions on the three new songs Kanye West released, a potential Donda 2, and other big news in the music industry.


Photo of Kanye West, courtesy of the New York Times.

Rhett Uleman, Reporter

On January 15th, prolific superstar Kanye West released the song entitled “Eazy” with West Coast rapper, The Game. The track was a very surprising drop, seemingly out of nowhere. However, if you have been paying close attention to Kanye West in recent weeks, you would be aware of the drama that surrounds his personal life. On top of that, there have been rumors about a “Donda 2” album that Kanye could be getting ready to release very soon. If this “Eazy” track is any indication of Kanye’s plans for “Donda 2”, then the second album is destined to have a tone much different from the first Donda album in 2021. While the first “Donda” contained tracks that centered around Kanye’s idea of spiritual worship and faith. The focus of “Eazy” is on an entirely different focus of Kanye’s life, his family. It seems that every week, another strange aspect of Kanye’s family. His divorce from Kim Kardashian has become like a reality show. With both Kanye and Kim seeing new people, neither seems to be truly ready to move on.
The record starts with a dark ambiance, and The Game opens up with a verse that is very clever in the way that it sticks to the theme of “My life was never easy”. However, when Kanye begins spitting over the track, I can only imagine how awkward and quiet it became for everybody present in the studio with him. As mentioned earlier, Kanye drops some lines about his ex-wife that sound like they were supposed to come off as irreverent and cocky, but instead, they sound so hollow and insecure. “We havin the best divorce ever”, is just one example. He also goes on to say that Kim spoiled his children, and he confirms the rumor that he bought a multimillion-dollar home next door to his ex-wife. However, the line that made the most waves from this entire song is the one where Kanye threatens to beat up Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. This line comes across as very jealous and petty. Overall, the song is far more interesting as a dive into Kanye’s current mindset than as a compelling piece of music.

Once Twice Melody Chapter 3

On the 19th of January, the cult-favorite modern dream-pop duo known as Beach House released five new songs from their upcoming double album, “Once Twice Melody”. The band has decided to release the album in a series of “Chapters” with each chapter being one side of the Vinyl LP. Beach House explores more of what made them such an indie sensation on these new songs. The track “Only You Know” has a classic format for the group. The song is syrupy, hazy, hypnotic with layers and layers of ambient noise underneath melodramatic lyricism. Towards the end, the song hits an exciting synthwave climax and then ends leaving you wanting so much more. The organ chords are somber and moody throughout the entire chapter with strong emotional power. These are the type of songs to play with headphones alone in a dark room while your memories run wild. Stargazing is optional but encouraged.

Coachella Lineup

The lineup for the most popular and infamous event of the music festival circuit has been officially announced. The first day of the music and arts festival is Friday, April 15th, and will be headlined by Harry Styles as well as Lil Baby, Daniel Caesar, Phoebe Bridgers, and Big Sean. Saturday, April 16th, will feature Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, and Brockhampton. The final day, Sunday, April 17th, will be starring Kanye West, Run the Jewels, Vince Staples, and Finneas.

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