You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

The 2022 musical takes Elkhorn High School back to 1967.


Charlie Brown features a baseball event in the musical

Zoe Rasmussen, Reporter

Full cast included in the Musical: Charlie Brown (Phillip Truong)
Director Abby Thompson announced the musical on February 14, 2022. (Photo courtesy of
12 Main cast leads for Charlie Brown (Phillip Truong)

It’s musical season yet again at Elkhorn High School. This year, students will be seen performing You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, a musical comedy from 1967.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to audition for a lead role. The cast list was released on March 1, with the leads being Beau Beard as Charlie Brown, Mckenna Flynn as Sally Brown, Marielle Cruz as Lucy van Pelt, Jocey Logue as Linus van Pelt, Jack Capocci as Snoopy, and Nolan Seifried as Schroeder. Sixteen other students make up the ensemble, and 19 make up the crew.

The performance has a total of 14 songs, including “My Blanket and Me,” “Suppertime,” and, aptly named, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

Director Abby Thompson and Assistant Director Jeff Garst are very excited about the potential of the musical and the cast this year. The performance dates are Friday, April 29th, Saturday, April 30th, and Sunday, May 1st. Be sure to stop by and catch a showing!

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