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After an up and down season, the Antlers met their end against Bennington.


Mason Beister

Senior Axel Prince preparing for some free throws. Antlers win against Norris with a score of 57-53.

Mason Beister, Reporter

Antler boys ended the basketball season on February 26th, with an overall 12/11 win/loss ratio. The Antler boys went 8-4 at home games and 4-6 at away games, and the one extra was the neutral, which was 0-1. Elkhorn is ranked 45th in the state and tenth in division B schools.

“North Platte was probably my favorite game we went to. It was a really fun time with the team, and it was a good way to bond,” senior Axel Prince said.

Though the Antlers didn’t win the game against North Platte, it was more than just a game, and the boys had a great time together.

“My favorite games were when we played against North. We played two games and won both, but I’d say the second one was my favorite one of the season,” senior Dane Petersen said.

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“I remember, during one of the North games, Colin threw the ball off the backboard, and Dane went up and dunked. That was really cool,” junior Ethan Yungtum said.

Prince had the most time played at 30.7 minutes per game, just above Petersen and Yungtum at 30 minutes per game. Another big name in Antler basketball is Colin Comstock, with an average of 8.4 points per game and 29.2 minutes per game only in his sophomore year. Petersen ended the season with the highest points per game average at 12.8 points per game. Yungtum was just behind him with 12.1 points per game. Petersen even set a new record for most free throws in one game at 15.

“Some advice I would give to anyone going out for basketball next year is to play like it’s the last time you’ll be on the court. It goes fast,” Petersen said. 

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