Closing the Curtain

After their first year back to “normal,” Excel’s 2021-2022 show choir season came to a close.


Charlee Sharack

As junior Jaxon Ninete sings his solo, Excel pretends that the bus has come to a screeching halt due to baby ducks on the road.

Charlee Sharack, Reporter

Excel, the lead show choir group at EHS, had the ability to compete at four out of their five scheduled competitions. While they had some bumps in the road, as many of their members contracted COVID, they were able to have a successful season. 

“We’ve really improved as a group. This is the closest I’ve ever been with a group,” senior Celia McCaslin said. 

McCaslin noted that it was originally difficult to overcome the pressures of past Excel groups because they were so large and had a glowing reputation. 

For a handful of members, they felt like their biggest challenge was going up against large groups, like Westside’s ATSC, compared to their smaller team of 28 performers. 

“It was really difficult for us to compare to other groups, but we tried our hardest and we did [achieve what we wanted to],” senior Caily Jones said. 

Many members of the team felt equally proud of their placements. They made finals in three out of four of their competitions and ended up placing fifth twice and sixth once.

 For first-year Excel member and sophomore Jules Joens, the season was fulfilling, and she was proud of what Excel did. But Joens isn’t done yet.

“I definitely know that I’m going to continue. I want to make sure that next year is the best that I can make it,” Joens said. 

While a new wave of seniors rises in Excel ranks, the current seniors are preparing to leave the show choir behind. For McCaslin, the feeling of leaving hasn’t quite hit her yet. She felt as if the realization of show choir being over crept behind her and surprised her. 

“In general, the last competition was an emotional experience for everyone,” McCaslin said. 

Looking back on the last year, many members wouldn’t change what they experienced. When describing her show choir career coming to an end, Joens looked back and recognized her evolution. 

“I feel like I accomplished confidence in my own abilities. Knowing that it really wasn’t what other people thought of me, it’s about the way I performed,” Joens said.

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