Girls Soccer Photo Essay 3/28

Bennington beat Elkhorn in a close 2-0 match on Monday, March 28th.


Jacob Uehling

Emily Frain throws the soccer ball back into play.

Jacob Uehling, Sports and Business Editor

Emily Frain looks for a teammate to pass the ball to.
Olivia Bailey looks to steal the ball from a Bennington defender.
Maddy Flynn looks on as the soccer break takes a break for a substitution.
Adriana Pagan tries to time the Bennington throw in.
Adriana Pagan drives the ball upfield towards the goal.
A mix of Bennington and Elkhorn players fight for the ball.
Olivia Bailey walks towards her spot on the field.
Emma Heisey looks for the ball as it gets passed her way.
Kate Cox chases after the ball.

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