New Student Rides at Elkhorn High

Many upperclassmen students show up to school in their new vehicles.


Conner Brasch, showcases his New truck in front of the school. Students at Elkhorn High are pulling up with their new vehicles.

Makayla Brackett, Reporter

Conner Brasch, senior, recently go his hands on a 2005 F250. Since a recent crash of Braschs, it resulted in looking for a new truck. (Makayla Brackett)
Carter Sokol, Senior, just recently got a new car towards the end of summer. Sokol has a 2008 Hummer, which could also be known as “Ghost”. (Makayla Brackett)
Lee Henderson, senior, found a 1997 Corrola, informally known as Rusty. Rusty has been with Henderson ever since August 11, 2022.(Makayla Brackett)


Taylor Brasch, A Junior, Got her first car just A couple weeks ago. Brasch’s New car is a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. (Taylor Brasch)
Junior, Sabine Worner, Got her hands on a 2007 Buick. With Her short period of driving this car, she has named it “Marg”. (Makayla B)
Calvin Kruntorad, A senior, Has had his 2005 GMC Canyon for 3 years, however 3 weeks ago remodeled it. (Makayla B)

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