A Greek Tragedy Featuring Cats

This year’s One Act has taken a turn for the dramatic. The show, By the Bog of Cats, is sure to jerk some tears from the audience.


This year’s One Act is titled By the Bog of Cats. It was chosen by director Jeff Garst.

Zoe Rasmussen, Reporter

One Act season is starting up at Elkhorn High School. The cast list has already been decided on and rehearsals are becoming more and more frequent. The show this year is titled By The Bog of Cats. Unlike last year’s show The Rules of Comedy, this year’s show is more of a drama. “It’s based off of an ancient Greek tragedy called Medea,” director Jeff Garst said. “But it’s a retelling of it, so it changes some of the elements of the story. It’s about watching one woman sort of descend into madness. And you just can’t take your eyes off of it.”

The lead role, Hester Swane, is going to be played by Darla Crews, a junior. She has never played a lead role before, and she’s really excited to get the chance. “I honestly was just aiming for any role. I guess I really lucked out on this one,” Crews said. “I think it’s going to be fun to be able to do a tragedy this year.”

Carthage Kilbride, the secondary lead, is going to be played by Logan Kieckhafer, also a junior. He has had a role in most of the plays and musicals that have taken place during his high school career. “I’ve read through the script and I’m looking forward to it,” Kieckhafer said. “It’s a good mix of a lot of different types of shows. There’s some funny parts and there’s some family drama parts so it should be really interesting to put together.”

Garst is very excited about the cast that has been assembled for this show. He’s confident in their ability to put on a great show. “It was a really tough casting process, as it always is. Casting is my least favorite part of the process because you have to  hurt people’s feelings or break people’s hearts,” Garst said. “But I think we’ve assembled a really great group of students who are going to really do a good job of telling this story.”

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